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Why Solo Traveling?

South America

Colombia:     Bogota     Cartagena     Medellin

Ecuador:      Ecuador       Quito     Volunteer

Galapagos:     Santa Cruz     Tortuga Bay     Isabela

Peru:     Lima     Cusco     Cusco City     San Pedro Market     Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu     Machu Picchu photos     Aguas Calientes     Sacsayhuaman


State Library     Whaling Around      Sydney Soul

Canberra     Melbourne – B&W     Melbourne – colours


Central Java     Central Java I

New Zealand

 New Zealand – South Island

Travelling Solo
If you are thinking about it, just do it!!!
Travelling solo to South America is dangerous? yeah, nah, just do it!

Pros: Go wherever you want, whenever you want, do whatever you want, and change your mind 20 times a day. Expand your mind, challenge yourself, increase your confidence level, conquer your fears, read strangers better, trust yourself more, treasure silences, and understand your purpose.

Being alone is a journey, being a couple is a journey – it is not the final destination. Being a solo traveller is my current journey.

(Disclaimer: although my Europe trip was with another amazing girl, Glen, we had the solo traveller’s mind – wherever, whenever, whatever – when we didn’t have the same plan, we went our separate ways and met up for dinner. Halfway through, we even went to different countries then met again.)

Cons: some meals are for sharing, unable to go to the toilet because no one can look after your valuables (I’m trying to stretch this list but I can’t)


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