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If you need a convincing: Why Solo Traveling?

Setting small goals along the way, and I’m off to the next goal. I completed all states and territories of Australia in 2019. Next goal is all continents of the world, North America in 2020, Africa in 2021 and Antartica in 2022.

But guess what!
Covid-19 happened and North America in 2020 is cancelled.


Phnom Penh    Siem Reap Mondulkiri (EVP)

Angkor Wat     Angkor Photos


Towards the end of 2018, I made a commitment to complete a mini-mission to visit all states and territories of Australia, and it is done!

NT:     Darwin     Kakadu National Park

NSW:     Clovelly     Bronte     State Library     Whaling Around      Sydney Soul     Merroo

Hunter Valley     Mudgee     Blue Mountain     Tamworth

Newcastle    Wollongong    Berima    Byron Bay    Coffs Harbour

Nelson Bay     Port Macquarie

VIC:     Melbourne – B&W     Melbourne – colours

QLD:     Brisbane    Stradbroke Island     Moreton Island

Cairns     Great Barrier Reef     Gold Coast     Noosa

TAS:     Launceston     Hobart

WA:     Perth     Cervantes     Dongara     Hutt Lagoon

Swan Valley     Margaret River

SA:     Barossa Valley     Adelaide

ACT:     Canberra


Tokyo     Sumo     Mt Fuji     Kyoto     Osaka


Wirral     London (2018)     Edinburgh     Belfast     London (2013)


 Mt Batur    Bali     Nusa Lembongan

Central Java     Central Java I     Semarang   Yogyakarta    Solo

Surabaya      Madura

South America

Colombia:     Bogota     Monserrate     Tomine     Cartagena     Medellin

Ecuador:      Ecuador       Quito     Amazon     Volunteer

Galapagos:     Santa Cruz     Tortuga Bay     Isabela     Sierra Negra

Peru:     Lima     Cusco     Cusco City     San Pedro Market     Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu     Machu Picchu photos     Aguas Calientes     Sacsayhuaman

South-East Asia

Hong Kong     Singapore     Langkawi (Malaysia)     Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

New Zealand

 New Zealand – South Island


Venice     Rome     Florence     Milan


Dublin (Ireland)     Amsterdam (Netherlands)     Salzburg (Austria)

Paris (France)    Nice (France)    Monte Carlo (Monaco)     Geneva (Switzerland)


Travelling Solo

If you are thinking about it, just do it!!!
Travelling solo to South America is dangerous? yeah, nah, just do it!

Pros: Go wherever you want, whenever you want, do whatever you want, and change your mind 20 times a day. Expand your mind, challenge yourself, increase your confidence level, conquer your fears, read strangers better, trust yourself more, treasure silences, and understand your purpose.

Being alone is a journey, being a couple is a journey – it is not the final destination. Being a solo traveller is my current journey.

(Disclaimer: although my Europe trip was with another amazing girl, Glen, we had the solo traveller’s mind – wherever, whenever, whatever – when we didn’t have the same plan, we went our separate ways and met up for dinner. Halfway through, we even went to different countries then met again.)

Cons: some meals are for sharing, unable to go to the toilet because no one can look after your valuables (I’m trying to stretch this list but I can’t)

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