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Siem Reap

Some people wonder why I’m not interested in visiting Thailand while my friends understand my lack of interest on the over commercialisation of Bangkok and Phuket. The thought of bumping into tourists every two seconds make me feel nauseous so imagine my surprise when I arrived in Siem Reap.

I started my Cambodian Trip with a quiet morning in Phnom Penh after arriving late night the evening before where it was a cocktail and doona scenario. I stayed in BKK1 where the morning sees only a few tourists in the area then my trip continued to Mondulkiri where there a bunch of eco-tourists, long-term foreigners but otherwise locals with no English – that was best case scenario for me.

On the way to my hotel in Siem Reap in a tuk-tuk, I passed Pub Street and had the fright of my life – the experience was slightly more nauseating than a street in Kuta (Bali). Welcome to Siem Reap.

My hotel was at the opposite block of Pub Street, about 3-5 minutes walk, and we were a few days away from New Year’s Eve shenanigans so as expected (or not), I can hear the music pumping until 4am but luckily I was generally exhausted and the music was like a lullaby just before midnight.

If you are wondering whether to get the 1-day pass or 3-day pass for Angkor Archaeological Park, get the 3-day pass; I spent day 1 on a sunrise-to-day tour and day 2 biking from the hotel and all around the park.

Doing nothing while on a holiday seems to be an audacious dream for me. You might find that funny because you may do go on a holiday to relax and do nothing, but that is not my usual holiday. I spent New Year’s Eve in a resort plus a few days by the pool, reading and writing and not leaving the resort property. The agitation was unreal but I quickly got used to the relaxation and that’s how I started 2020. A few months later, as I’m continuing to write this page, we are in the beginning of, well hopefully the middle of, a pandemic where we are expected to stay at home social distancing or physical distancing. Many people picked up new hobbies such as cooking, learning new languages, dancing, and many other useful and educational activities. On the other hand, here I am doing almost nothing, mostly sleeping and Netflix because I still have work – this is like any other day for me – with additional relaxation.

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