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When friends come to visit Australia and share their ambitious itinerary, I’d gently remind them that the entire Europe fits into Australia’s land mass. Over two decades of proudly calling Australia home, I’ve never been to Western Australia. How could I justify $800 average return flight to an Australian city with rather expensive daily expenses (accommodation, food, transport, entry fees, etc.) when I can spend the same amount on flights to Bali with extremely cheaper daily expenses, and the occasional being treated like a Queen moments.

One of my many goals this year is to visit all states and territories of Australia; in WA right now and SA planned for May, then it’s NT left to plan.

Then one of my closest and dearest friends texted a plan for her birthday, on a yacht, departing Fremantle, oh yes! Flights are on sale, oh yes!

In the middle of one of the biggest projects for my department, oh no!

Having understanding managers (all the way up) has been great for my mental health, I come to work everyday with mid to high energy but mostly with a peace of mind knowing people care. I told my manager that I need a week off but I’m happy to be on-call for this mammoth project, he agreed and instructed that I deduct any hours worked from the annual leave claim, oh yes!

A few days before I was due to leave, my manager asked how’s my stress level? Relatively low because I was about to embark on an adventure, I was about to see a dearest friend, and to be honest, when I get back into work, I’ve no excuse to be stressed… I’ve just had another amazing adventure!

Perth has been good to me. Few things I’ve learned are:

  • “underwhelming” is constantly said to me, and I’ve been told to set a low-expectation of the places I was going to visit.
  • “long macc” is long macchiato, otherwise known as strong latte or double-shot latte. The coffee-snobbishness in Perth is strong.
  • Land and houses are cheaper but food is expensive
  • Keep left on Wellington St – (I’ve no idea which side is left…)
  • Don’t go beyond Perth Station at night
  • All the beaches are great spots for admiring sunsets. The water is clear and green, the sand is soft and light beige in colour
  • Tap water taste strange
  • Cottesloe is like Bondi with less (much less) backpackers
  • Fremantle lovingly called Freo has to be my favourite, it has the passenger terminal, sailors walking around, old-buildings, Notre Dame Uni, and this great spot where I’m typing away with so many other writers and students (Moore & Moore CafeTripAdvisor)


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