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Hutt Lagoon

Hutt Lagoon

If we were to do a straight drive, Hutt Lagoon is 11 hour return drive from Perth but we decided to do a road trip with multiple pit-stops, hotel stops, sing-along, and deep & meaningful conversations.

If you google “Hutt Lagoon” or “pink lakes”, you’d see some amazing photos but if you know me, I’d like to go during off-season when things are not at the peak-beauty-level. Why take amazing photos that other amazing photographers have taken? My photos are about my point of view, my way of seeing things, and that there are pain, ordinary or boring sides to everything.

If we really just wanted to see a pink lake, there is actually one in Rotto (Rottness Island) but is that really what we want out of life? Of course we want to take the longer route for the journey is more meaningful than the destination.

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