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What’s in the name? Cervantes, Lancelin, Jurine, Dongara, Kalbarri… sounds fancy?

We set out in our ambitious drive north. If you’ve traveled with me then you would’ve seen one of my spreadsheets, it has time, locations, accommodations, restaurants, and sometime costs. The plan is to drive 2-3 hours everyday and do one thing that we really want to do, otherwise wake-up whatever time, take it easy throughout the day, and expect the unexpected.

Guilderton is one of the spots in Western Australia where the river meets the sea – fascinating! This was not in any of the blogs I read while researching for this WA trip so I’m glad for recommendations by locals. We admired the beauty, took a few photos to remember this phenomenon, bought my first coffee in WA, and absorbing wisdom from my dearest friend, PK.

Lancelin was recommended by someone we met in Guilderton, she wanted to know where the ATM is and we wanted to know where we can do sandboarding – such a good barter! While we were tempted by the quad bikes, my risk assessment concluded that it’s a no, and sandboarding is a sufficient risk this early on our road-trip. There was a little fear as well as being too much in my head, so I managed to smack my ankle with the board in my first attempt going down the sand-hill. I learned to let go, the worst thing that could happen is that I’d fall over and roll down the hill, and it would had been a better outcome than trying to manually stop the board and the board hitting back. An hour later, the feeling of liberation and joy overcame me, and it was time to go.

Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park is a must-visit when you’re in WA. We got there in time for golden-hour shots, oh yes! If you follow me on Instagram, you’d see me in a ridiculous stance trying to capture some of those awesomeness. We stayed for the milky pinky sunset and an extra hour or two for a romantic star-gazing experience. The stars are visible from the horizon line, left to right, it was like being in a dome of stars.

Cervantes was the closest town to Pinnacles Desert and in fear of  hitting a wildlife at night, we stayed for the night in this cute little town after my abysmal attempt of star-photography. We stayed in the only accommodation with a vacancy, Cervantes Pinnacles Motel ( despite the flowery bedsheet photos, it was a decent accommodation with white bedsheet – it exceed my expectations! Great service, coffee and breakfast – Seahells Cafe (TripAdvisor).

Before leaving Cervantes, a local told us to check out Hansen Bay lookout – beautiful!

We didn’t go to Lobster Shack because of all the bad reviews and my best attempt in avoiding tourist traps – $38 for half-lobster with chips in a buzzer no-service kind of restaurant. I’m going to be a food-snob here because we did have our taste of WA’s lobster in a nice restaurant with a great table-service and beautiful view for $34 –  Skeetas Restaurant in Geraldton (TripAdvisor)


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