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Hundreds of people but there was no queue through the gate then we were welcome but friendly ladies explaining to us how to find our seats. It was not difficult to find because everything was orderly and clearly labelled so the service was definitely a plus.

Food was not ridiculously priced and they are delicious. No overpriced horrible tasting nuggets and chips like in a typical concert in Sydney.

The atmosphere was electrifying. Japanese ladies who are normally quiet and proper were screaming louder than a teenage girl excited about Bieber.

The entire tournament was in Japanese but it was pretty easy to pick up what was happening.

Planning ahead was definitely needed if you don’t want to pay over $300/pp on tickets.  Lucky for me I have a friend who is a local Tokyo resident who managed to find me tickets for $80/pp purchased through a page similar to Gumtree – actual ticket price is $50/pp.

Check the official website for dates and if possible align your travel date; the atmosphere was incredible!


















not sure who went over the line first – the judges deciding who the winner is






the atmosphere was incredible

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