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Mt Fuji

I asked myself why do I put myself through these pain, again, and again.

I know I’m susceptible to the altitude pain, and yet I put myself on the line once more. Mt Fuji’s summit at 3,776m is much less than Cotopaxi’s José F. Ribas Refuge (4,800m) so I thought I’ll make it fine. In Cotopaxi, to acclimatised I stopped every 15 steps, and I thought the same survival method will also work in Mt Fuji. I thought wrong.

Day 1 was raining. I was soaking wet. It was a long climb up – the path wasn’t steep like Cotopaxi’s – the path of Mt Fuji was long. The longness, the tiredness, and the wetness, resulted in my frustration. And that was before 3000m.

Day 2, we woke up early for breakfast and sunrise, then we make our way to the summit. Halfway between the mountain hut and the summit, I decided that the pain was too much, and we start our journey down. I was about 400m altitude way from the summit but the actual hike is a few km – long and winded.

The next climbs will be on flat or coastal parklands!















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