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Apparently it is the 4th best snorkelling site in Sydney but it is 1st on my list. Full disclosure: it is a short-walk from me therefore most convenient for me. Another disclosure: I can’t find this apparent list other than lists from 2015 and 2016, we all know anything before yesterday is irrelevant to today.

Some days it is 5 metres visibility and some days it is only 1 metre visibility. I was initially surprised when people looked at me with pity when I get excited about 10 metres visibility, then they told their stories of diving in pristine sites like Cozumel, Palau, Belize, and Micronesia. Cozumel apparently have 50 metres visibility.

I am content with my 1 to 5 metre visibility; I am snorkelling and diving after all – a privilege many people don’t get to experience.

ANZAC day’s shenanigan usually involves a dawn service, hearty breakfast, followed closely by all-day drinking and all-day games of Two-Up. My thought this week has been that I am too passionate to be drinking; I rather be chilling, snorkelling/diving, and maybe listen to other thoughts in my mind.

Being in the water teaches me to consciously breathe in and out; letting one thought in and one thought out. Being in the water teaches me to be still, to appreciate the one metre gigantic fish and yet be mesmerised by the teeny-weeny fish hiding between seaweeds and rocks. Being in the water teaches me that passionate means being calm and at all cost avoid the prickly sea urchins.

Being in the water teaches me to be alone with my thoughts. It was evident that I’m still learning the lessons I learned in Bali, I was swimming with amazing sea creatures while thinking of back-up plans, about 89 of them actually.

I am currently learning to love with its risks and chances. For a quick second I reminded myself that I know how to get up and laugh after each falls – but even this seemingly positive reminder is a reminder that I have a back-up plan. Shut it – no back-up plan.

Would you hold your heart in your hands when you can have it safely caged?

There is always a risk in love. There is always a chance my heart will shatter. There is always a chance I will be insanely happy. I chose to hold my heart in my hands. Today, again, I choose to hold my heart in my hands. Everyday I will choose to choose you.





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