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In my last week in South America, my plan was to simply colour my hair, manicure, pedicure, and whatever. Then came the undeniably tempting offer to explore a part of Amazon – the closest part from Quito which was 6 hours by bus (to Tena) and an hour by canoe to an Amazon resort.

We were not deep enough in the jungle to see large Amazon animals but I was quite satisfied with the level of fear triggered by the small Amazon animals – baby snakes, spiders, frogs, and all kind of bugs. I broke the Aussie-stereotype that we love these wild animals when a harmless bug kissed my forehead and I screamed my lungs out, and my travel companion disappointedly asked “aren’t you Aussie?”. Undoubtedly, he changed his view of what a typical Aussie is.

I have lived near a mangrove, a glades, and a river, so I am quite familiar with red-back spiders but never have I seen a colony of more than ten at once – we managed to record a fight, or a love-making? Otherwise, packing-light means my photo-taking was limited to iPhone’s photos. It simply means that another Amazon trip is needed.

Our accomodation was a luxury accomodation, how did we know that? There was no powerpoint in the room… but on a serious note, it is because everything are running on solar panels so the powerpoint are gathered in the dining area.

One of the highlights in the charming little town Tena was a resort with monkeys. A part of the jungle is big enough to get lost but small enough to find your way back, and secluded enough to do whatever you like (within the applicable laws of the country).

Remember the bright green t-shirt from Bogota? This is the sequel. And since I’m retrospectively writing this, I can assure you that there is part 3 – it was in Wirral. The story is still being written, not sure if it has a happy ending or not, but surely a story with a beautiful soul is worth writing about. Everything happens for a reason or a lesson – so it is a happy ending regardless. It is a matter of perspective.

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