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Not sure if this should be in the travel section of my website, because Bronte is now home.

I didn’t stay back at work tonight, decided to run for the train and bus, got home hungry enough for dinner, then thankfully the sun is still on summer’s schedule so I managed to run to the beach in the glistening golden hour. Not only that the reflecting ray was wonderful, the tide was coming on the beach in the form of high and mighty crashing waves – so majestic. I ran to the end of the path, at the end of the pool, I silently watched the waves crashing the cliff, some were high enough to touch the fence barrier, and ten more minutes, it would also touch me.

The daily commute is an hour each way, but it is so worth the calmness I experience when I get home, and the breeze I get when I run to the beach or the coolness I get when I quickly dip in the water.

I am where I want to be. I am where I need to be. I am where I should be. At this time.





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