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Sierra Negra

I was initially hesitant about this hike but I’m glad I went because that was a different kind of hike, the view was black, dry, and rough – dry dessert land. After two months of traveling, my backpack finally caught some dust as I hike up the dusty path of Sierra Negra.

Once at the top, I was in awe of the endless view of old lava; we took a minute of silence. I closed my eyes to feel the breeze of air and sand against my face, to listen the stillness of this active volcanic mountain. When I opened my eyes, I see a steam was slowly bursting in the distance – sulphuric steam – here is the reality of active volcanic mountains.

As we were walking down to the crater, caution was required as old lava in the shape of small loose rocks could easily cause me to lose my balance and if I do fall, those rocks are sharp and will cause a serious bleeding.

The hike was on a pretty flat land, the highest point of Sierra Negra is only 1,124m, and the most challenging part for me was the fact that I did not have hiking socks for the six hours return hike; my toes were bleeding at the end.


the beauty, the colours




sulphuric steam in the distance


endless view of old lava


rainbow do appears in this barren land…

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