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Mount Monserrate

In my first visit to Bogota, I attempted Mount Monserrate with a ride on the funicular after incorrectly buying a return ticket despite my original intention of going up by the funicular and going down by the cable car; to add to the injury, I didn’t check my change and was shortchanged U$3 (it’s a meal over there so it’s a significant amount but I was mostly upset at myself for being careless, at the end, she probably needed the money more than I do if it was an intentional act).

The second time I was in Bogota, I made another attempt of Mount Monserrate, and this time with a hiking buddy. I met Jan at a hostel where we bonded over our (holiday) love stories. Despite my pleas for him to go ahead and meet me at the top, Jan was kind enough to stop and wait for me, every 5 minutes, that turned 40mins hike to a 90mins hike.

It was pleasing to have someone to converse with while hiking from 2,699m to 3,152m (a gain of 453m), also to take pretty photos of me instead of those sometimes horrible selfies. We celebrated and rewarded our selves with drinks and sweets. Jan had a cheesecake that cost the same as 2 burger meals, and we wondered what were the ingredients.

For some people this hike may seem unchallenging but when you suffer altitude sickness as I do, every step I conquered was an achievement. Every few minutes, we would turn around and appreciate the boundless view of Bogota.


It’s not a black & white photo – it’s just gloomy 


who needs a clear blue sky


2nd attempt – it was beautiful 🙂



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