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Isabela island perhaps is the least developed island out of the three main islands; no ATM, dirt roads, and good luck with finding a taxi. On my departure day, I was told to walk to the wharf, it’s only 10 minutes walk, but that was not a pleasant thought when my toes are bleeding and my arms were burning after my climb of volcanic Sierra Negra (Black Mountain).

The highlights were: Los Tuneles     Sierra Negra

Many of the rare or unique animals such as pink flamingo and giant tortoise are in or near Isabela island; I didn’t get to see all of them. I made the mistake of having paid an entire week accomodation in Puerto Ayora so my one night in Isabela cost me more than I wanted to pay. The advice given to me was to book one night in Puerto Ayora then find a last-minute cruise/yacht but somehow it escaped my mind. Never mind, everything happens for a reason or a lesson. I did meet interesting and fun people on my diving trip instead.

Los Tuneles

Los Tuneles is a unique environment where lava flows have created arcs and tunnels underneath and above water.

The tour included snorkelling – swimming with a giant tortoise, checking out the sleeping sharks in their cave, and saying hello to a teeny weeny seahorse.


the shot that everyone takes


incredibly beautiful


cactuses – such an unique environment


Blue Feet Booby




this guy is a true model!


penguin 😀


Nazca Booby


Tree of life… it is quite unique for it to grow here…


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