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3rd – 5th November 2017. Pedro Vicente Maldonado.


one of the many waterfalls in Pedro Vicente Maldonado



the sunset is all kind of different

11th – 13th November 2017. Baños.


Casa del Arbol – before sunset


swing across the valley


Casa del Arbol – at sunset


Cascada Manto de la Novia – taken by semi-shaken hands


Cascada del Diablo


that bridge…


I’ll miss the street food


18th November 2017. Cotopaxi.

19th – 20th November 2017. Quilotoa.

25th – 26th November 2017. Otovalo

27th November 2017.

2nd – 4th December 2017. Telefrico, Mercado Central, old town

6th – 12th December 2017. Galapagos Islands.

16th -18th December 2017. ???

23rd -25th December 2017. Christmas.

———-27th December 2017 – 10th January 2018. COLOMBIA———-

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