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Other than Quito, here are the other places I visited and absorbed; Baños was my favourite. In retrospect, the activities and sights in Baños can be found in other places, then perhaps it was the people I met and the general atmosphere of serenity and fun.

Pedro Vicente Maldonado     Baños     Cotopaxi     Quilotoa

Otovalo     Galapagos     Mindo


3rd – 5th November 2017. Pedro Vicente Maldonado.

This was a random trip to visit my friend’s uncle and his family so it’s not exactly a tourist-destination you would find in TripAdvisor. The waterfall is within a private property where locals pay a small fee to enter and enjoy the freshness and slightly daring jump from the top.


one of the many waterfalls in Pedro Vicente Maldonado


the sunset is all kind of different – sat on a roof to think about life


11th – 13th November 2017. Baños.

My most memorable activity in Baños was the white-water-rafting, I can say it was the best one I’ve done; no photos taken by me as I was having too much fun. The fun included going overboard in the last 3-minute and was whacked by an oar.


Casa del Arbol – walking in the cloud


swinging across the valley


Casa del Arbol – at sunset


Cascada Manto de la Novia – taken by semi-shaken hands


Cascada del Diablo


I miss these girls..


street food – I’ll miss the bbq banana


18th November 2017. Cotopaxi.

The place where I realised my physical limitations, I had to stop every 3 metres to equalise as my ears were hurting, and once I got to the top (read: refuge area) the view was all worth it.


Cotopaxi from a distance


Cotopaxi from a distance


the view…


the refuge centre: bring your passport for a stamp


the view from the refuge…


19th – 20th November 2017. Quilotoa.

One of the most beautiful place I have been to that challenged my fear of falling due to steep and sandy path; it is also very tough for the horses.


in awe – this is the crater of an active volcano


my lens wasn’t wide enough for this photo – demonstrates how big this crater is


steep and sandy path




the serenity from the crater

25th – 26th November 2017. Otovalo

Otovalo is well-known for its market of ponchos and everything else; ponchos and more ponchos, as far eye can see. We also swing-by Cotacachi for its crater, the second biggest in the world!


enjoying the brilliant graffitis around town


no filter sunset crazy AF


Life.. the narrow, the alone, the path


Peguche Waterfall – the hidden beauty


Pechuge waterfall


my travel buddy in Ecuador




Cotacahi – the second biggest crater in the world


6th – 12th December 2017. Galapagos Islands – see here

16th -18th December 2017. Mindo

I didn’t have a chance to visit the Amazon so the next best thing is the cloud forest with activities such as the frog concert, creepy crawlies crawling on you night walking tour, zip-lining, and Tarzan swing


Frog Concert – this little guy singing his lungs out


this was a quiet one – assuming a lady


this girl is insanely brave – she loves tarantula and everything else that crawl


fascinated by the hair on this leaf


mushroom of the clouds


zip-linning – another fear conquered


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