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Quito, Ecuador

(to not attract attention, these photos were taken using the humble iPhone)


a view from a local mall in South Quito


La Mitad del Mundo

This particular site is actually about 7 degrees-off the equator but it’s great regardless. We attempted to stand an egg on the nail because gravity is the strongest here and it should be able to stand – we failed and cracked the egg instead.


La Mitad del Mundo


La Ronda

Karaoke, cocktails, beers, live music, salsa and pizza at midnight – a GREAT pizza at midnight! La Ronda is for blurry photos.


La Ronda during the day

Chiva (Party) Bus

When you are in Colombia or Ecuador, you have to get on a Chiva Bus, and have a great night around town with a bottle of Canelazo.


last stop, in front of the Basilica

Carondelet Palace

Carondelet Palace is the Presidential Palace where the President currently resides and conducts his day to day activities for the country. It was a fascinating visit. (I wrote more about it here)


El Panecillo

Other than from the top of TeleferiQo, the best view of Quito is probably from El Panecillo. I would also recommend a beer or dinner at nearby Pim’s restaurant.


The view from El Panecillo


Virgen de Quito on top of El Panecillo


Go first thing in the morning before the afternoon clouds hide Quito from sight, and enjoy a hike up the east side of Pichincha Volcano mountain.



I like visiting churches and museums, here are the ones I visited:
(I wrote more about it here)

  • Iglesias de Santo Domingo – free entrance
  • Convento de San Francisco – $2.50 entry fee with a tour guide or you can wander alone
  • Iglesias de San Francisco – free entrance
  • Compañía de Jesús – $5.00 entry fee (plus $20.00 for the catacombs or all for $5 if you visit at night)
  • Basílica del Voto Nacional – $2.00 entry fee (plus $2.00 entry fee to the tower)

other photographers have taken amazing photos of Basílica del Voto Nacional, but this is what caught my attention


my view of Iglesias de San Francisco


Abandoned Dogs

Abandoned dogs are as prevalent in Quito as they are in Cusco and Lima, make sure you have your rabies shot but at the same time give them some love. Give them your leftover food, water and a little scratch – they are not aggressive. They are very smart that they can cross the road safely, feed themselves, and of course poop everywhere.


all they need is a little love



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