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Sacsayhuaman archaeological park (included in Boleto Turistico/BTC) consists of Sacsayhuaman, Qènqo, Tambomachay and PukaPukara but by this visit I was all-ruin-out so I only visited Sacsayhuaman (pronounced “sexy woman”) and PukaPukara.

I would assume that you have read my short description of my experience of being almost-deceived at Sacsayhuaman. Here is the longer version. Tourists pay about 55 soles for a horse-ride across three sites (Qènqo, Tambomachay and PukaPukara). The tour guide initially wanted 50 soles for a tour of Sacsayhuaman and 80 soles for the horse-ride.  I bargained down to 70 soles for both the horse-ride and a tour of Sacsayhuaman (remember I was all-ruin-out by this time and so I really just wanted to walk around and take photos – but I do want the horse ride!). By the time we got to the ranch, unbeknown to me, the deal became that a boy from the ranch will take me on a horse ride then he will take me back to my hotel for a voluntary tip (background: I had only 70 soles cash with me). After the horse-ride, without a clear reason, the boy left me ‘outside’ the ranch (all the properties seemed to joined together) and while I was waiting, this nice girl assumed I was lost and offered to take me back to Sacsayhuaman.  It’s a straight path, I would have made it back but I honestly was going to wait for the promised tour guide of Sacsayhuaman. At the end of the day, 70 soles for the horse-ride wasn’t too bad – it’s still a bargain when converted to A$.

From this incident I have learned that despite circumstances, I must keep my heart and intentions pure. While others may try to deceive me, while I had every right to be annoyed or disappointed, I must try my best to be true; I believe my guardian angel was on the lookout. Everything happens for a reason.












a bit of creativity here – I shooed them away for this shot :p



that horse-ride… when I want something…


the view from PukaPukara – no inspirational shot of the actual ruin site



Cristo Blanco (if you understand the symbolism of that tree…)

(there are other trees around, I’ve intentionally framed this shot)



the view from Cristo Blanco



Cristo Blanco 😉

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