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San Pedro Market, Cusco

Sí, San Pedro Mercado es mi lugar favorito.

An entire page dedicated to my favourite place in Cusco. It has everything from bags, keyring, jumpers, jackets, t-shirts, flowers, teas, nuts, herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, breakfasts, lunches, deserts, juices, and many more.

I feel San Pedro Market is the most authentic part of Cusco (within my reach) without pasta, pizza, pastries and hamburgers. The market ladies are passionate; I buy my food, juice and souvenirs from those who made an eye-contact and screamed the loudest. I did not bargain, while I may or may not pay more than I should, I would only buy at a price I was willing to spend anyway – they are hard workers and I am there to spend money.

Also, it is a great place to practice my Spanish as most of them speak no English – slowly I said “dónde puedo encontrar choclo con queso?” when I couldn’t seem to find those boiled corns with cheese!





love the contrast here – traditional attire and modern technology!



Saturday morning’s flower market just outside the main market



I was not brave enough to try this medicinal drink



corn, quinoa, herbs, spices



nuts – so cheap!



fresh fruits – I think I’ve become healthier here 🙂



daily juices – these ladies look happy everyday



see how passionate she is? I had my breakfast there this morning

Hair-nets & aprons – this market is probably the cleanest local market I have been to… (in comparison to Europe & Asia)


my lunch – menu completo of soup (entree) & rice with fish (main)

Lenteja=lentil, tarwi=beans, huevo=egg, pescado=fish, saltado=beef dish



Pan Chuta – local bread

Additional reading on Pan Chuta



yup… raw meat!


Now, the colourful world of Cusco…




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  2. Geo says:

    Love your photos! Keep posting them!

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