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Cusco City


Plaza Mayor del Cusco



Catedral del Cuzco



Plaza Mayor del Cusco



I love seeing both old & new – traditional & modern



one of the many archways



blue is the favourite colour here…



my obsession with lanterns/lamp posts



on the way to San Francisco or San Pedro from city centre



Santa Clara’s Arch, Plaza San Francisco



one of the many steps – Kusikuy Restaurant is on the right



in Sydney and in Cusco



2 soles will get you a few photos



most times, hidden in that bundle is a baby



traditional & modern





on the way to San Blas – a view from Paddy’s Irish Pub



On the way to San Blas. One of these is the 12 Angle Stone – remember that these stones are not held by any type of mortar, it is truly a game of Tetris!



Plaza San Blas




These steps can be very captivating



Museo Histórico Regional – a painting of Túpac Amaru II

Túpac Amaru II

Querrán volarlo y no podrán volarlo
Querrán romperlo y no podrán romperlo
Querrán matarlo y no podrán matarlo
Al tercer día de los sufrimientos, cuando se creia todo consumado, gritando: ¡LIBERTAD! sobre la tierra, ha de volver. ¡Y no podrán matarlo!

They will want to blow him up and won’t be able to blow him up
They will want to break him and won’t be able to break him
They will want to kill him and won’t be able to kill him
On the third day of suffering, when it was believed everything was finished, screaming: FREEDOM! over the earth, he shall be back. And they won’t be able to kill him!
Alejandro Romualdo


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