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Physical books or Kindle?

can we have both?

simply read

I have always liked reading but it became a steady relationship when my sister gifted me a small and convenient Kindle for Christmas (2016). Some people love the smell of physical books, not me, the dust either makes me cough or choke. Some people love holding physical books, not me, most books generally won’t fit in my small handbag. I like reading at night, Kindle’s light helps. Being a minimalist, I had given away almost all my books, I have kept less than five books.


the fragrance

the sight

still takes my breath away

(physical, paper books, literally :p)


The calm

The quietness

The stillness

it is all we need, sometimes


#35 of 473 things to do in Sydney – according to TripAdvisor

State Library of NSW

obviously not rated by year 12 students

this was my hangout spot


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