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Prayer is…

the earthly licence for heavenly interference

Grace is…

beyond understanding, undeserved, unexplainable

Miracle is…

her touch, her voice, her smile


Background of this photo:

Moments before her birth, at 26 weeks, on our knees we prayed…

we prayed for a heavenly interference

Shortly afterward, she fought, she fiercely fought to stay…

-innate strength-

-the will to fight-

-untaught courage-

This was my personal experience of a MIRACLE,

from that moment, I irrevocably believe in the realness of a miracle.

Her mother, my best friend, courageously showed love…

relentless love

She displayed strength, courage and determination…

only a mother can.

2 comments on “Miracle

  1. Helai says:

    This is so beautiful Deborah!

  2. Stephanie says:

    What beautiful heartfelt words Deb. Sophia is such a fighter, warrior and brave little girl with a equally strong mumma!
    Love the photo – so creative and symbolic!

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